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Vaccines and the Draft Mercury Treaty

October 24, 2011 1 comment

by Baskut Tuncak

Last week, the Associated Press reported that the international treaty being negotiated to address mercury pollution could ban vaccines that use mercury as a preservative. The preservative, thiomersal (also known as thimerosal), is widely used in vaccines that are distributed in sub-Saharan Africa and other regions where refrigeration may not be available. The AP article included quotes from experts that an absolute ban on thiomersal would be “ridiculous” and “a terrible idea.”

The only problem with the article’s premise is that the chance of governments agreeing to an absolute ban on mercury vaccines is about as good as the Tea Party endorsing President Obama’s reelection and demanding that the United States ratify the Kyoto global warming treaty: Read more…

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Of Trout, Men, and Mercury: Thinking Locally, Acting Globally

November 18, 2010 4 comments

Glenn is a CIEL Senior Attorney, Director of the Chemicals Program, and an avid fisherman.

By Glenn Wiser

I was fishing a mountain stream at my friend John’s place in Chilean Patagonia recently when I hooked a 27-inch wild rainbow trout.  After chasing the fish halfway down the river, I succeeded in hauling it onto the gravel bank, where I quickly did some mental math:  rainbow trout is typically low in mercury; bioaccumulation means this big fish may contain higher levels; rushing mountain stream probably doesn’t support production of much methylmercury.  My result, unfortunately for the fish, was fresh rainbow trout fillets for dinner, which John and I washed down with an excellent local sauvignon blanc.

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